Signed Copies

If you already own an A.G. Howard book, there are two ways to get it personalized and signed. 

1. You can mail your book to me using this address: A.G.Howard, P.O. Box 7433, Amarillo, TX 79114. Please be sure to enclose a return mailing label with POSTAGE enough to cover your book's journey back home to you so I won't have to foot the bill. You can purchase a label via the post office. Media mail is the cheapest way to go.
 2. You can send for an autographed bookplate to stick inside. I offer those here on my swag page.

If you would like to purchase a book that is signed, you may contact my local Barnes & Noble store, listed below, to see if they have the title you're looking for in stock. If they do, let them know you want it personalized and they'll call me in to sign the book for you before mailing it your way.

Barnes & Noble
Contact: Jim Gleason or Rodrigo Godoy
Amarillo, TX 79124